''Walking In A Summer Wonderland'' July 27 2016

Some fashion tips from festival goer Stephi LaReine


As I'm sitting here typing this I've got two fans on my face, an ice cold Funkin cocktail and all the windows open, Britain is heat waving like it's never done before. So I've been dressing flowy and free, I've also seen a lot of photos of Florence Welch lately and inspired from boho trends, this week I spoke about how to style the 70s trend and this almost feels like part 2, I think I'm just so festival ready I can't contain my excitement.

For the trillionth time is one of my favourite summer kimonos, aztec always seems to resurface once every few years, first it was aztec leggings (yeah remember those?) and now its kimonos, I hope they're still available I got mine when I headed to my Street Style Primark Shoot and for £10 it was the bargain of the century!

Let's talk fabulous summer jumpsuits, I'm obsessed with the brand Mink Pink, anything and everything by them. Luckily all their best items are stocked at Fashion Pills, one of my go to sites where I adore all the brands, their quirky colourful clothes make my wardrobe pop and this polka dot jumpsuit brings some hippy boho cool to my ensemble. I don't own loose pants style jumpsuits but it's so refreshing to wearing something freeing with its spaghetti straps, elastic waist and flared leg - very 70's.

My taste in jewellery has somewhat evolved over the recent months, I love statement necklaces now, this tribal art statement necklace is perfect to style up with a simple dress or like me over a cooling flared jumpsuit, it's from a shop called Happiness Boutique full of vintage trinkets and amazing finds, I love that they have free shipping on all their items and a reward program for regular buyers as they're slowly becoming one of my favourite jewellery brands!

Mirrored glasses have been the 'it' thing of 2015 I've always been head over heels for a classic mirrored look. I got this pair from Chief Eyewear  they're an Aussie company and `I've honestly never seen anything like them before, they epitomise true beach glasses, with the frames made out of wood, I got the Cherokee Skate Green pair, which weirdly makes you see everything in pink (and not green) Check out their latest summer sunglasses for some funky specs.